Vyking Ship Features Alina Morse

Vyking Ship Features Alina Morse on International Womens Day!

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Vyking Ship featured several women-owned businesses around the world are developing in tech industry, consumer goods, sports and more. Included on their list was Zolli Candy’s very own CEO, Alina Morse!

Vyking Ship provides shipping services worldwide, even for those products that only have distribution in the United States.


Read what Vyking Ship wrote about Alina here.


The other women-owned companies featured by Viking Ship:

Sara Blakely, Spanx

Founded by Sara Blakely in 2000, Spanx is an American underwear company that sells high-quality underwear for both men and women. It focuses on creating comfortable, well-fitting underwear that helps women to feel their best at all times. Examples of these include shaping briefs, pantyhose, and leggings. They also include clothing, maternity clothes, sportswear, and quality men’s underwear.

Caquina Beauty, Zareen & Tashfeen

Caquina Beauty is a luxury skincare brand founded by two sisters, Zareen A and Tashfeen N. The brand produces and sells high-quality beauty products that are guaranteed to improve your skin.

Kate Somerville, Kate Somerville Skincare

Kate Sommerville Skincare is a high-performing skincare brand that develops and sells products that effectively resolves skin concerns. It uses innovative formulations alongside certain skincare ingredients to create products that work to restore people’s confidence in their skins.

Lea Von Bidder, AVA

Founded by 29-year-old Lea Von Bidder, AVA is a fertility tracking bracelet that helps women detect their fertility window early. It achieves this through the use of sensor technology that measures temperature and nine other physiological parameters associated with a woman’s fertility period. Thereby, it allows for a more accurate prediction of a woman’s fertility window with minimal user interference.

Susie Bergquist, Salt + Umber

Salt + Umber is a women led business that sells high-quality shoes without damaging the planet and the people that make them. These shoes are handcrafted, eco-conscious products that use minimal machinery in their creation. They also have reduced packaging and use recycled materials in their creation when possible.

Jessica Alba, The Honest Company

Founded by a celebrity woman, Jessica Alba in 2011, The Honest Company is an American consumer goods company that sells baby products like diapers. It also sells skin care, bath, and beauty products.