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Health and wellness remain top of mind for consumers across the food spectrum; this is also the case for the hard candy category. Consumers are seeking healthier ingredients and cleaner labels. According to the International Food Information Council 2023 Food and Health Survey, 72% of consumers are trying to limit or avoid sugars. In a recent study conducted by Circana and shared by Alina Morse, CEO, Zolli Candy, the data showed that zero sugar is trending:

“Looking at the largest players in arguably the most mature and dynamic category, beverage: Coke, Pepsi, and Monster have all abandoned their ‘one’ [gram of sugar] or low-sugar concepts and focused on easy-to-understand Zero Sugar,” Morse remarks. The study also showed, sugar free chocolate and non-chocolate is outpacing the category on both a dollar and volume sale basis.

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Courtesy of Zolli

With its Zolli Candy and Zollipops, the company believes candy should be a delicious, fun experience that everyone can enjoy by being zero sugar, gluten-free, allergy-friendly, and made with natural flavors and no artificial or synthetic dyes. Another interesting feature of the product is that it helps clean teeth. Morse explains how this works: “When we eat, our mouth becomes acidic. This acidic environment provides energy to the bacteria (including Streptococcus mutans) that cause caries and tooth decay. The acidic environment also weakens and softens tooth enamel. Zollipops naturally help balance the pH or reduce acidity taking away the energy for the bacteria and help teeth remineralize or get stronger.”

According to Morse, the company has recently launched new products:

Zolli Ball Popz, which feature trending flavors like Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, and Peach, as well as flavors like Strawberry, Tangerine, Grape, and Pineapple. They are zero sugar, gluten-free, allergy-friendly, made with natural flavors, contain no artificial/synthetic dyes, and help clean teeth.

Zollipops Swirls: a Top New Product on the shopping channel QVC in Q1 2023, these exclusive products have zero sugar and no artificial colors or flavors. The flavors include Lemonade Blue Raspberry, Pineapple & Orange, and Mango Strawberry. Read more here