Leigh Scheps, Inside Edition
MAY 12TH, 2020 | 13:03 | E111

Inside Edition Alina Morse Zolli Candy

See what Alina’s life at home is like during quarantine in this video.

Zolli Candy CEO Alina Morse Celebrates Her 15th Birthday By Hitting Amazon Sales Record

Alina Morse just turned 15, and her quarantined birthday was exciting but bittersweet. While the high school freshman is home from school and away from her friends, the candy company she founded has seen business boom during the pandemic.

“I feel like I’m growing up really fast,” Morse, who lives in Wolverine Lake, Michigan, told InsideEdition.com.

The teen entrepreneur had just gotten her braces off and was in the middle of her freshman year when her state’s coronavirus stay-at-home order went into effect.

But she’s continued to run her sweets empire, Zolli Candy, from home. And demand for the sugar-free, low-calorie sweets, which are marketed as actually being good for your teeth, is growing.