Get Zolli Candy at Your Favorite Local Retailer

Delicious, sugar-free, healthy Zolli Candy is available at more than 25,000 retail locations across America.

Where to buy Zollipops, Zaffy Taffy, Zolli Ball Popz and all the delicious sugar-free Zolli Candy?

Some retailers have Zolli Candy in the oral care aisle because it is good for your smile. Others have Zolli Candy in the sugar-free aisle because it is the most delicious sugar-free candy in the universe. Some have Zolli in the natural candy section because every ingredient is 100% natural. Wherever you buy Zolli Candy, the best place to find Zolli Candy is in your mouth!

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If you can’t find a retailer near you, please drop us a note and let us know where you live and shop so we can connect with a store near you.

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