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Five Ways to Create a Learning Space

By this point, you are probably in the process of transforming an area in your home into a virtual classroom. Whether it’s a bedroom, office, or just a corner, we are right there with you. This year will be a lot different than what we are used to, so these tips to get ready for back-to-school virtually may help you along the way.

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Top Tips to Get Ready for Back to School, Virtually

1. Have a designated area for school work

Get in the school “mindset” and allow this space to be for school only. Make sure this area is quiet or has a door that can be closed. If you don’t have enough space, consider a portable desk to allow your student to have a designated work space. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of fun to the room – beanbags, hammock chairs, shaggy rugs, and oversize pillows can help a student relax and take a break when reading, drawing, or using a device between classes or after a lengthy exam. Don’t forget to have adequate lighting and to stock the space with school supplies.

2. Create a set schedule with breaks built in

Think of your student’s schedule just like the bell schedule at a brick-and-mortar school. When the bell rings in a school, students automatically get up, pick up their books, and head on to their next class, right? You should plan your virtual school day the same way. Respect the schedule, and if needed, allow for an additional “period” at the end of the day to finish up any pending assignments. If your student completes all their work in the allotted time, this end-of-the-day period can be study time to get ahead in a class or work on a long-term project. Customize the schedule so that your student has more time for courses that take a bit longer to complete and less time for those courses they can complete faster.

3. Create a calendar

As a parent, take the time to set up your child for success at the beginning of the week. This may be extra work for you at the start of the week, but it will make it easier for you the rest of the week. Find out what subjects, worksheets, or books will be used and separate them into folders or write it down. Set up a block schedule and include the details. That way you aren’t searching before the lesson. Color code your subjects, test days, and due dates to make it easier. Don’t forget to add non-school activities into the calendar, such as holidays, vacations, extracurricular programs to make a plan around them and give students something to look forward too.

4. Create a reward system

Have fun with your student and remember to keep them motivated by providing incentives for reaching their weekly goals. Create a reward box similar to a doctor’s office treasure chest (don’t forget to include Zollipops). If the student completes their work for the week, have them pick from the reward box. It will give them something to look forward to and will keep learning fun.

5. Don’t be afraid to reach out for support

Whether it’s the teacher, a fellow parent, or a friend, create a support system to help when needed. For help with a question to an ear to hear your venting (since we will all need that is year!). Don’t have anyone at home or nearby? Research parent Facebook groups to find a community. There are many out there – find out which one fits you best. We are in this together.

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Make learning FUN and DELICIOUS!

Reinforce number sense> and fine motor skills with these fun lollipop-themed activities from Creative Kindergarten. Great for back to school to introduce different materials, or work on these skills throughout the year.

Pick up a bag of Zollipops to incorporate into the following activities:

Lollipop Counting: trace the number and use a q-tip or marker to color in the lollipops

Lollipop Roll and Cover: roll a dice, then cover that number of lollipops on the work mat. Have students use tweezers to place the pompoms to work on fine motor skills

Lollipop Number Cards: Cards for numbers 0 to 10. Use them with sand trays, loose parts, or any other material your students like to use.

Lollipop Ten Frame: Pick a lollipop number card, write the number in the lollipop and fill in the ten frame to match.

Lollipop Spin and Cover: Use a paperclip and pencil to create a spinner. Spin, and then cover the number you land on. Keep spinning until you have covered all the numbers. Have students use tweezers to place the pompoms to work on fine motor skills

Download these lollipop math activities HERE!

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