We have included information and facts about the primary ingredients in Zollipops and Zolli Ball Popz, isomalt and erythritol, from leading institutions.

Plant based ingredients, isomalt and erythritol, have some the lowest glycemic response of any non-caloric sweetener available, as shown below. This allows Zollipops to be Keto, diabetic friendly and vegan.

Glycemic Response Table

Zolli Candy is Keto Project Verified. Please see Keto Verified Net Carb Calculator for calculating net carbs (for diabetes care or Keto diet).

Isomalt works like dietary fiber. Like the dietary fiber in green beans, onions and various types of fruit, ISOMALT belongs to a group known as ‘low digestible carbohydrates’. These low-digestible carbohydrates help keep us regular and can help to stimulate bowel activity and aid regularity. Like with e.g. plums, excessive consumption may have a laxative effect. Just as high-fiber foods, the regular consumption of ISOMALT in moderate amounts is tolerated very well and helps maintaining the balance of the digestive system. For more information about isomalt, read this article.

In clinical trials of Zollipops, total bacteria in the oral cavity and bacteria that can contribute to cavities was reduced, and no contraindications were observed – that is no tummy troubles!