New Age Entrepreneurs are Killing it with Their Customer-Centric Approach

December 11, 2018

There is a new force in the making. A new breed of entrepreneurs. They think big, start small, grow big and then, they change the world. When we
say entrepreneurs, I am not referring only to industry veterans who have been in the game for long.

Even under-twenty teenagers like Alina Morse (Zollipops), Abby Kircher (Abby’s Better), Rachel Zietz (Gladiator Lacrosse), Zandra Cunningham
(Zandra Beauty) among many others are clocking millions in revenue with their entrepreneurial ventures. As much as these teenagers, there is also
a good population of experienced professionals who are cracking the entrepreneurship game.

How come these new-age entrepreneurs are able to scale massive success in an age when giants like GE are crumbling to dust? Considering the endless options and wavering loyalty that digital-age customers have towards businesses, I am surprised that these new-age entrepreneurs are able to
pull off such an amazing feat. I dug a little deeper into their success path and found what makes them tick.

Like typical entrepreneurs, these new-age entrepreneurs also identify a massive problem that needs a solution. Then they get to work to solve a
problem, predominantly with the might of technology. And, they do more than just solving a problem that puts them in the league of extraordinary.