Tyler Jorgenson, BizNinja
MAY 25TH, 2020 | 25:36 | E111

BizNinja Zolli Candy Alina Morse

There is no age limit on success.

Teen CEO Of Million Dollar Company

This week, one of BizNinja’s youngest entrepreneurs, Alina Morse joins us to share how her sweet tooth turned her into a teen CEO of a million dollar business. ⁣⠀
Alina loves candy, but she was limited to how much she could have to keep herself and her teeth healthy.⁣⠀
On a mission to eat candy carefree, she created Zolli Candy-an all natural and sugar free candy at just seven years old.⁣⠀
She is going to share how she began her business at such a young age and talk about some of the hurdles that came with being so young.⁣⠀

Listen and hear how her idea turned into the number two best selling hard candy on Amazon.⁣