Better For You Media’s Battle of the Brands Heats Up With Zolli Candy 17-Year-Old CEO, Increasing Sales and Engagement as Competitors Vie for Spot on Marc Summers-Led Behind the Wrapper Show

Better For You Media's Battle of the Brands Heats Up With Zolli Candy 17-Year-Old CEO

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Battle of the Brands, a reality TV competition featuring better-for-you food and beverage brands vying for increased brand awareness, sales, and investment, is heating up as the 17-year-old CEO of Zolli Candy takes her brand into Week 4 of the “ultimate snackdown.”

Battle of the Brands pits two brands against each other during two-minute audition trailers in the same “weight class,” aligned by key characteristics like sales data, founding story, or social audience size. In about a month, Battle of the Brands has grown into an engagement powerhouse with thousands of email subscribers and open rates scaling above 50%.

Each week, competing brands’ fanbases can cast their votes for the chance to win a free year’s supply of their favorite snack brand. The brand that receives the most votes wins the right to appear in a full episode on Season 1 of Behind the Wrapper, BFY Media’s how-it’s-made program hosted by Food Network and Nickelodeon producer/host Marc Summers. Behind the Wrapper will air later this year as full episodes featuring celebrity guests and variety segments. In addition to being showcased, brands will earn a chance to secure funding from investors, sell on a direct-to-consumer, QVC-style home shopping show, and increase their global distribution footprint.

“I love working on projects like these because of the passion we see from brands making incredible products and their amazing fans who love them,” says Summers. “We are starting to see that passion take over Battle of the Brands and you can expect Behind the Wrapper to capture that essence.”

In the most heated Battle of the Brands yet, 17-year-old CEO Alina Morse leads her healthy treat startup Zolli Candy in a sweet-tooth snackdown against organic and sustainable date darling Joolies, which just launched a brand extension. Morse founded Zolli Candy when she was 9 years old not long after being offered a lollipop from a friendly bank teller only to be told by her parents that the sugar it contained was bad for her teeth. That experience motivated Morse to create a healthier lollipop and she now has a line of organic, sugar-free sweet treats in 25,000 stores.

“Alina is a very inspirational girl with a strong will to succeed. Her maturity and modesty are exemplary to all entrepreneurs out there, no matter their age,” says Lady Didi Wong, recently knighted entrepreneur, producer, speaker, and author who is also an investor in Zolli Candy. “I absolutely love everything about Zolli Candy, especially that it is a “clean teeth” candy that is delicious enough for my kids to enjoy without getting cavities.”

Four battles are complete – chocolate energizer Mid Day Squares defeated healthy hydrator Lemon Perfect, plant protein heavyweight Tosi Snacks defeated clean snack champion Lesser Evil, fermented foods forerunner Cleveland Kitchen defeated plant-based powerhouse Big Mountain Foods, and water kefir pioneer Sunny Culture defeated organic marshmallow innovator Dandies. Macadamia master Milkadamia was also victorious in its opening battle.

Fans who watch the trailers can also access a coupon code to save on purchases of their favorite products, and coupon redemptions have increased weekly. Remaining Battle of the Brands matchups include Mind Blown vs. Crafty Counter and Three Farm Daughters vs. Big Tree Farms.

Behind the Wrapper will hold its first casting call for Season 2 of Behind the Wrapper at Natural Food Products Expo East in Philadelphia on Sept. 28-Oct. 1.