5 Business Success Stories Showing What Young Women Are Capable Of

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19 February 2020

5 Inspiring Business Ventures with Young Women Front and Center

If you’ve got a great idea, there’s no reason to wait to put it into action. Each of these businesses features an inspiring story of young minds not letting age get in their way as they pursue the worlds of food, game development, and media. If you’ve got ambition but don’t know where to start, these young superstars can be your guide.

Congratulation to the other top companies:

Da Bomb Bath Fizzers
Bath bombs, shots, salts, jars, gift sets, and a book that teaches readers how to make natural, homemade bath treats.

Me & the Bees
Lemonade in flavors like mint, ginger, prickly pear, and iced tea

Girls Make Games
Games created by participants include Find Me, Blub Blub: Quest of the Blob, Interfectorem, and The Hole Story

Life Unfiltered with Alexa Curtis
Hoodies, T-shirts, and Stickers that coincide with the popular blog and podcast