Zolli Candy + Shopify

2020! Whew – What a Year!

As we say ‘goodbye’ to 2020 and ‘hello’ to 2021, we at Zolli Candy thank everyone for their support and love. This year has been quite a rollercoaster ride.

One of the biggest changes at Zolli Candy was the shift to more online sales by our retail partners and to open our very own Shopify store featuring the full family of Zolli products.

Shopify produced an inspiring video featuring small businesses from around the world, sharing the stories of hardship and hope they experienced in 2020. Zolli Candy was one of the many resilient companies that worked diligently to survive and thrive, to improvise and adapt in the midst of this year’s chaos.

One of the biggest changes for our company has been how our fans purchase Zolli Candy after the shutdowns due to Covid-19. Many of you wisely stayed home, and limited your trips to stores. Candy, healthy or otherwise, was not at the top of your shopping lists.

Zolli Candy is very fortunate to have great relationships with retailers across the county that offer Zolli in their stores. Many retailers added Zolli Candy to their online shops; we partnered with iHerb for international orders.

Our sales on Amazon also increased exponentially, and Zolli Candy continues to be one the most popular candies on Amazon.

Since not all of our retail partners carry the entire assortment of Zolli Candy, we took the leap to opening our own Zolli Candy store with Shopify. The store features new Zolli Candy including delicious Zolli Caramelz, Zolli Ball Popz, and Zolli Gummeez. The online store is a work in progress, but it provides you a safe, secure way to buy Zolli directly — from a single bag, to a “build-a-Zolli-box” of your favorites, to bulk cases of Zolli Candy. We will soon be rolling out a referral program that will reward you when your friends and family purchase Zolli Candy – and shipping is free on orders over $30.

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We look forward to 2021, to bringing you more flavors and choices of delicious, healthy candy that will make your smile brighter!

Companies featured in the Shopify “The Year of Entrepreneurs” video: