ZuperGirl’s Summer Adventures

ZuperGirl is a smiley, fearless, adventure-seeking superhero that shares Zolli & Smiles!

She is looking for adventure, and hopes that you will take her along on yours this summer!

Place her on your car window… and let her ride along on your summer road trip.

Put her on your laptop, phone, or tablet, and… let her fly to where your travels take you.

Use her as a bookmark … as you both are transported into the story via your imagination.

Wherever you are going, ZuperGirl would love to go too!

Please share your Summer Adventures with us on Social – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok with the tag @zollicandy and #Zollicandy #ZuperGirl and we will share your videos and photos.

We can’t wait to see where she goes and the Smiles you spread together!

Thank you for your support to spread smiles around the world.

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