LIfeSavvy features Zolli Candy

LifeSavvy ranks Zollipops as the best healthy lollipop available.

LifeSavvy features Zolli Candy

The Best Sugar-Free Candy

Pros: A lollipop that fights cavities? Thanks to Zollipops, it’s possible! These sugar-free lollipops are made with xylitol which can neutralize acidity and balance pH levels. This means that a Zollipop can help your teeth stay healthy and strong while you enjoy the fruity flavors. This bag includes six flavors: strawberry, grape, pineapple, orange, raspberry, and cherry. The lollipops are also free of GMOs, dairy, gluten, nuts, and artificial dyes and are vegan, kosher, and keto- and diabetic-friendly.

Bottom Line: Even though these lollipops are more expensive than the traditional variety, the peace of mind you can have while enjoying one makes up for it. Zollipops are not only free of a long list of allergens and dietary sensitivities, but their ingredients actually promote a healthy mouth, which makes them the most guilt-free answer to a sweet tooth.